Tango in Tacoma

September Argentine Tango Classes  

Tango basics and more for beginners 6:30pm

Intermediate class at 7:30pm

Argentine Tango is an intimate, adult dance. We do not teach tango below the age of 18.

Thank you

    Group Lessons Wednesday

Tango basics 6:30-7:30

This class is designed to bring beginner tango dancers to a level that will comfortably allow them to move into more advanced tango at intermediate levels. Work on essential basics of connection and movement. Partner is not needed.

Intermediate Lesson 7:30 to 9:00pm

Advance your social tango skills, improve your connection with other dancers, gain the confidence and skill to truly enjoy new partners with interesting and fun movements at every milonga.Continues essential connection/movement partnership for more advanced dancers.  Partner is not needed

Class fees $10 per person

Classes are located at

760 133rd St S

Tacoma, Wa 98444

This is in a residential area

just south of Pacific Lutheran University