How Do I Get Started in Learning Argentine Tango?

The way to get started in Argentine tango with the least committment is to attend a milonga

(tango social dance) or a practica (tango practice dance), but some of these events may be

intimidating for those with little or no experience dancing Argentine tango.

Our group lessons are tied to a practica and a very good way to get started.

How Do I Choose a Class or a Private Instructor?

This is an important key to your success in learning tango

Attending a class is an opportunity to see whether an instructor's approach is

suitable for you. Go to more than one teachers class. Ask them about their

approach to teaching.  Ask them for references.  Ask dancers whose dancing  skills

you admire for their suggestions.

     Look for teachers who are highly involved in the tango community,

regularly dancing with others at area milongas and practicas at other locations.

     Look for a teacher or teachers who's students have an active regular presence

at the main area milongas and practicas.

      Look for a teacher who's students spend their time at these milongas dancing

with good dancers who are not students of the same teacher to see how well they

integrate into the greater tango community.

How Long Will It Take to Learn Argentine Tango?

The rate at which people learn Argentine tango varies greatly across individuals. 

Achieving a basic competence in dancing tango can take anywhere from a few

weeks to a year of weekly classes or private lessons.  After most people have

achieved a basic competency, they find a continued opportunity to refine and

develop their dancing skills.  Many people find that Argentine Tango offers a

lifetime of learning, even after formal instruction has ended.

Look before you leap.

When seeking good Argentine Tango instruction go to more than one teacher's class before making any commitment. Pay attention to the length of time they have been working with their students and the level of accomplishment for their students. Look at the instructors style of dance. Dance instructors will  usually teach you to dance in the style that they dance. More important than the things you are told by a teacher (after all they are selling you their style and services) is the feeling that you would like to dance the way they doWhen you begin your classes it is a good idea to keep your initial commitment small so that if you find yourself uncomfortable or unhappy it is easy to look elsewhere.

Much more on learning to tango.

There is a vast pool of information at the Tango Puget Sound website and if you connect to the link below it should answer any other questions you might have, or maybe give you more questions to ask.

Tango becomes a pleasure that you will enjoy for life.


Courtesy of Steven & Susan Brown

       and Mark Anderson


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