Tango in Tacoma

May Argentine Tango Classes and Practica

Wednesday Evenings in Gig Harbor

Basics and more for beginners at  7:00pm

Beyond basics intermediate class at 8:00pm

Rates for single dancers is $10, for couples $15 per 2 hour lesson period and includes and hour of practica time both before and after classes.

Argentine Tango is an intimate, adult dance. We do not teach tango below the age of 18.

Thank you

Group Lessons Wednesday


Beginning Class 7:00 to 8:00 pm

This class is designed to allow new dancers to enter into the

class at any point and includes a high level of special attention

during your lesson time. Continues essential connection/movement partnership for more advanced dancers.   Partner is not needed.

Intermediate Lesson 8:00 to 9:00pm

Advance your social tango skills, improve your connection with other dancers, gain the confidence and skill to truly enjoy new partners at every milonga.  Partner is not needed

Class charge includes both group classes and practica time both before and after classes.

There is separate space for practice for those not in a particular class, like beginners being able to practice while advanced class is taking place

Located in the

Gig Harbor Tango Center

Adjacent to the Narrows Bridge, 1 minute from bridge to Tango Center

For those who have not been to this location before please contact via email, including your phone number, for the exact address. This is located in a private residence, a part of a small neighborhood and is by prior arrangement.