Tango in Tacoma


 Tango is alive and well in Tacoma

with multiple dance opportunities and classes and private lessons in

Tacoma, Federal Way and Gig Harbor.

        I  have taught Argentine Tango in the South Sound and hosted hundreds of Milongas (social tango dances) and practicas (practice tango dances) for over a decade as Tango Puget Sound and before that as Sound Social Dance.

       As the longest established tango teacher in the South Sound I was mentored into Argentine Tango by world re-known Patricio Touceda and Eva Lucero and encouraged by them and taught by them to be a teacher of this beautiful dance at the highest levels of skill.

       In addition to the years I spent studying with Patricio & Eva my tango studies include years of private study with tango masters such as  Alacia Pons, Eduardo Suacedo, Michelle Badion, Jorge Nel, Michael Young & Beatrix Satzinger, Miriam Larici and many others. I strive to maintain my skill level with on going study with the masters of tango. 

       I had previously been through the teaching certification process with the NDCA. As a full faculty member of Pacific Lutheran University for a decade I taught, in addition to special Argentine tango lessons, Latin and American rhythm dance to hundreds of students. The special tango lessons were private immersion courses funded by the university for students going to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have also taught at UW Tacoma , Puget Sound University and Tacoma Community College and regularly performed at area restaurants and events such as the Freedom Festival, Taste of Tacoma and of Edmonds, numerous corporate events and other private events, and taught at Olympia's Tango in the Fountain.

      Over the years I have have hosted hundreds of regular milongas and practicas in Tacoma and Olympia as well as a number of special tango events such as the Pierce College ValenTango milonga, annual milongas at the Museum of Glass, the Tangoheart live music milongas and hosted numerous workshops with several international instructors.

        My teaching has been primarily in the South Sound  but I have also partnered with Seattle area Tango masters teaching classes in that area. Among my students are some who have developed into respected teachers themselves and others who are now dancing in Buenos Aires, Montevedeo, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

       Every regular milonga and practica in the Seattle area  includes several tango dancers who began their tango with us. Even our newer students quickly gain a skill level that brings them regularly to the practicas and milongas in the Puget Sound and Portland area.

        Every week when we are not involved in growing the tango community in the south Sound we can be found  at milongas and practicas throughout the greater Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia/Penninsula areas.